This agricole-style rum is made from wild, hand-harvested Java sugar cane grown in the Sierra Mixe Baja mountains of Oaxaca, México. The rum is fermented in clay pots, then distilled in copper by the Mixe people who have inhabited this land for over 4000 years. Notes of olive brine and cider characterize the aroma, while the taste is of banana and tropical fruits.

Recently named one of The Best 50 Spirits of 2023 by Vine Pair.

“The cream of an exciting crop of Mexican — and Oaxacan, in particular — rums we sampled in 2023, this cane juice–based distillate is fermented in contact with crushed stalks using native yeasts. Personality-wise, it shares much in common with the spirits the region is better known for: It’s complex, funky, and, yes, challenging at first, but it leans into that profile and owns it like a badge of honor. -Vine Pair

“If you thought Oaxaca was only home to stunning mezcal, think again. Hailing from the Sierra Norte mountains comes this expressive, complex cane-juice-based distillate. Its profile is assertive and the rum immediately makes its presence known with a bouquet of intense corn and savory vegetal aromas. The palate is crisp, dry, and impressively layered.”-Tim McKirdy

Aged in new oak barrels from Mersault, France, this reposado is made using a Spanish solera system, in which half of the barrel is drained every 6 months and refilled with joven. The oak imparts unmistakable notes of vanilla, increases sweetness, and turns its rustic starting spirit into an elegant sipper. This rum steals the show every time we present it.


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